Welcome to StoryShout!

Hi friends, I’m launching a new podcast (reusing the StoryShout name!) as a side project and would love some volunteers for my first guests! StoryShout is a weekly 30-60 minute podcast that asks someone every week: “What do you suck at?”

The twist: Instead of trying to help you, we have a lighthearted conversation about how this “failure” has affected your life. It can be anything (but we will try to keep it relatively clean), from returning text messages or being a good friend to buying the right birthday presents.

Basically, a nice lil roast starring yourself and me.
If you think you’d be a good guest, please fill out my google form and I’ll get back to you soon! Episodes will also appear as video on our YouTube and social channels. Fill out this form if you’re interested.

And if you want to learn when episodes launch, we’re StoryShout on all main social channels and you can sign up for our mailing list.