Author: Kelsey Jones

Kelcey Sucks at Self Care

Kelsey is joined by another Kelcey as we discuss sucking at self care this week. Kelcey and Kelsey discuss parenthood and the struggle that comes with making time for yourself, as well as little things that don’t cost anything but can also be called self care (like sitting in your amazing backyard). To catch up […]

That’s a Wrap for Season One!

Thank you everyone for joining us for season one of StoryShout. We appreciate all our listeners. We will be back in early 2022 with season two. In the meantime, enjoy past episodes and follow us on all major platforms to catch the newest episode when it comes out. Please leave us a review and subscribe […]

Mary Sucks at Being in the Moment

This week, our guest Mary Davies has a tendency to not live in the moment,  which can affect wellbeing and appreciating life as it currently is. Kelsey and Mary discuss how important the present is, how we have taken the present for granted, and the moments in which the present was right where we wanted […]

Lisa Sucked at Avoiding Burnout

Author and business owner Lisa Buyer joins us this week to discuss her experience with totally burning out from always being in survival mode, which lead to a career shift. Lisa’s story is something many of us know well: we work 10+ hours a day thinking we’re making a better life for ourselves when we’re […]

Catherine Sucks at Arts & Crafts

Catherine Quiambao joins us this week to discuss the wild world of arts & crafts. We talk about questionable art projects we do with our kids, how my mom suffered through Girl Scout patches and thoughts on what arts & crafts projects may be a good fit. Learn more about Catherine’s podcast at No Hacks Marketing! […]

Robyn Sucks at Not Catastrophizing

This week’s guest is Robyn Johnson, who tends to go into the worst possible scenario when something doesn’t go how she expected. We dive into how that affects her as a business owner and mother, and how our childhoods may have shaped how we try to prepare for situations. You can follow Robyn at @AMZRobynJohnson on […]

Casie Sucks at Thinking it Through

This week, Casie Gillette joins Kelsey Jones to discuss the impulsiveness of home DIY and how not everything has to be a huge endeavor.  While Casie wants to jump headfirst into a project, sometimes there’s an easier way. It doesn’t have to be the “whole enchilada.” Casie and Kelsey discuss homeownership, electric cars, and how […]