Author: Kelsey Jones

Heather Vickery Sucks at Parenting Teenagers

In this episode of StoryShout, podcaster, author, and success and leadership coach Heather Vickery joins Kelsey Jones to discuss a big one: parenting teenagers. Heather and Kelsey discuss their experiences with parenting and how evolving with each child and age is the only way to stay sane, even if you feel like you’re failing. To […]

We All Suck at Failure: Getting Meta With Geoffrey Colon

This week gets meta as Geoffrey Colon of Microsoft and Kelsey Jones discuss failure as a whole in our society. Why is failure frowned upon when it has lead to the world’s greatest innovations? We also discussed why the nerds you laughed at in school built the technology you rely on and where our society […]

Casie Sucks at Thinking it Through

This week, Casie Gillette joins Kelsey Jones to discuss the impulsiveness of home DIY and how not everything has to be a huge endeavor.  While Casie wants to jump headfirst into a project, sometimes there’s an easier way. It doesn’t have to be the “whole enchilada.” Casie and Kelsey discuss homeownership, electric cars, and how […]

Dr. Pete Meyers Doesn’t Have a Sense of Direction

Dr. Pete Meyers (of Moz fame) is terrible at knowing where he is. In this episode of StoryShout, Pete and Kelsey discuss their failures in giving directions, navigating traffic circles (aka roundabouts), and how their brain goes fuzzy when people throw out the terms “east” and “north.” This episode is hilarious, don’t miss it! Dr. […]