Author: Kelsey Jones

Sarah Knight Sucks at Not Doing Anything

International best-selling author Sarah Knight isn’t bad at much, which makes sense since she writes anti-self-help books about caring less about what people think and managing anxiety. In this episode of StoryShout, Sarah and Kelsey Jones sit down to discuss the art of being able to do “nothing” and how that factors into anxiety, your […]

Akvile Sucks at On-The-Spot Rebuttals

Akvile is another friend of mine I met through marketing conferences, and I’m so glad we did. We’ve often referred work to one another and even were in a mastermind together for a year. Akvile is a paid media agency owner and often knows the challenges we face as women in technology, especially digital marketing, […]

Sarah Sucks at Sleeping

Ever since Sarah was a baby, she’s had trouble sleeping. She’s tried it all; medication, meditation, even working herself to the bone. While some things have worked, like watching Ferriss Bueller every night before she went to sleep, they all seem to stop working eventually. Sarah and I discuss: The struggles only insomniacs know When […]

Mark Sucks at Ignoring Online Arguments

Mark Traphagen and I have known each other for years from the digital marketing conference circuit. In this StoryShout episode, we discuss something that Mark sucks at: not arguing with strangers (and even people he knows) on the internet. Mark is very active on social, especially Twitter and Facebook. We drill down into: How hard […]

Michelle Sucks at Interior Design

Join one of my oldest friends (in length of friendship, not age! 😛 ), Michelle Luna, to cover what she sucks at: interior design. Even though one of Michelle’s best friends is an interior designer, her design skills leave something to the imagination (in her opinion). In this episode, we cover: Our favorite home decor […]

Geoffrey Sucks at Typing

In this episode, my colleague Geoffrey joins StoryShout to discuss what he sucks at: typing. Geoffrey and I cover the following in our episode: How technology has changed for us as high schoolers compared to teens now How we learned how to type Other ways to communicate when you are a slow typer When it’s […]