Author: Kelsey Jones

StoryShout is Live!

Exciting news! We launched with three new episodes yesterday. To celebrate the launch, we are holding a launch party TODAY at 3pm central. One of our first podcast guests, Keith Goode, will be showing us how to make three cocktails. We will also be having guests on for discussion questions and giving away gift cards. […]

Why Failure is Important

Why Failure is Important, How Failure Helps Grow Creative Businesses, and How to Break the Obstacles to Success. Failing is part of life. In business, it’s a core concept you need to understand so you can grow your business. But why is it so difficult to fail? Because you get to feel so much better […]

Welcome to StoryShout!

Hi friends, I’m launching a new podcast (reusing the StoryShout name!) as a side project and would love some volunteers for my first guests! StoryShout is a weekly 30-60 minute podcast that asks someone every week: “What do you suck at?” The twist: Instead of trying to help you, we have a lighthearted conversation about […]