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Anne Sucks at Hiding Her Thoughts

Anne Ahola Ward joins Kelsey Jones for a great discussion about when it’s good to hide your thoughts and when it’s beneficial, especially for family and friends. We also talk about when it IS beneficial to share your thoughts and opinions with the people who need to hear it. To learn more about StoryShout podcast […]

Kelsey Sucks at Finishing Projects

It’s Kelsey Jones’ turn in the hot seat as Casey Markee fills in as host for this week’s StoryShout episode. Kelsey discusses the struggle to finish projects, especially creative ones (which dovetails nicely with last week’s episode with Jon Henshaw!). Casey and Kelsey discuss finishing craft projects, getting sidetracked, and learning when to walk away […]

Jon Sucks at Keeping The Main Thing

Jon Henshaw joins Kelsey Jones this week as we discuss the struggle that comes with being creative: constantly starting new projects and taking side quests to constantly “improve” things, only to our detriment. We talk about when “done is better than perfect,” some side projects we’re working on, and more! To learn more about StoryShout […]

Abbey Sucks at Laundry

Kelsey is joined by her cousin Abbey Elliott as we discuss a big thing most everyone sucks at: LAUNDRY. Yes, the dreaded laundry. We discuss the magic of black leggings, laundry with kids or spouses, and the smell that comes from wet laundry that needs to be dried. Time for a rewash! To learn more […]

Kimberly Sucks at Navigating Maps

Entrepreneur and road trip expert Kimberly Crossland sucks at navigating maps. Kelsey and Kimberly discuss why maps are so hard to navigate (and it gets worse with our anxiety about being wrong) and how we can manage to get lost in a simple RV park.  To learn more about StoryShout podcast advertising opportunities and guest […]

Joe Sucks at Saying No

Kelsey is joined by Joe Hall as we discuss saying no, workaholism in tech, and how the pandemic with COVID-19 has affected our ability to say no. To learn more about StoryShout podcast advertising opportunities and guest openings, visit us at And don’t forget to leave us a review and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever […]

Kelcey Sucks at Self Care

Kelsey is joined by another Kelcey as we discuss sucking at self care this week. Kelcey and Kelsey discuss parenthood and the struggle that comes with making time for yourself, as well as little things that don’t cost anything but can also be called self care (like sitting in your amazing backyard). To catch up […]