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Mary Sucks at Being in the Moment

This week, our guest Mary Davies has a tendency to not live in the moment,  which can affect wellbeing and appreciating life as it currently is. Kelsey and Mary discuss how important the present is, how we have taken the present for granted, and the moments in which the present was right where we wanted […]

Lisa Sucked at Avoiding Burnout

Author and business owner Lisa Buyer joins us this week to discuss her experience with totally burning out from always being in survival mode, which lead to a career shift. Lisa’s story is something many of us know well: we work 10+ hours a day thinking we’re making a better life for ourselves when we’re […]

Robyn Sucks at Not Catastrophizing

This week’s guest is Robyn Johnson, who tends to go into the worst possible scenario when something doesn’t go how she expected. We dive into how that affects her as a business owner and mother, and how our childhoods may have shaped how we try to prepare for situations. You can follow Robyn at @AMZRobynJohnson on […]

Casie Sucks at Thinking it Through

This week, Casie Gillette joins Kelsey Jones to discuss the impulsiveness of home DIY and how not everything has to be a huge endeavor.  While Casie wants to jump headfirst into a project, sometimes there’s an easier way. It doesn’t have to be the “whole enchilada.” Casie and Kelsey discuss homeownership, electric cars, and how […]

Sarah Knight Sucks at Not Doing Anything

International best-selling author Sarah Knight isn’t bad at much, which makes sense since she writes anti-self-help books about caring less about what people think and managing anxiety. In this episode of StoryShout, Sarah and Kelsey Jones sit down to discuss the art of being able to do “nothing” and how that factors into anxiety, your […]

Akvile Sucks at On-The-Spot Rebuttals

Akvile is another friend of mine I met through marketing conferences, and I’m so glad we did. We’ve often referred work to one another and even were in a mastermind together for a year. Akvile is a paid media agency owner and often knows the challenges we face as women in technology, especially digital marketing, […]